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The Holy Grail – Gluten Free Bread

8:39 pm Dougie

As those who have lived gluten free for any length of time understand, the holy grail really is bread. We’ve been lucky to find a palatable bread after only trying a few brands. Though the bread “works” it really has to be toasted and at almost $7 for a half loaf – well, we felt there had to be another option. So, we decided that we would trying baking our own bread. We found a fabulous recipe and gave it a whirl.

Testing the water temperature for the yeast

Stirring the yeast so it can proof

Prepare the dry ingredients


Stir stir stir

This is NOT what properly proofed yeast looks like (more on that later)

Pushing Daddy Away, “Dougie’s turn!”

Dough – we could have shaped this better

The final product

The first shot at the bread was a tad disappointing. It was VERY yeasty tasting.

We tried again, this time, we got the yeast proofing right.


Still too yeasty.

We read online that sometimes the yeast isn’t given enough of a chance to rise so we thought we’d try to use the bread machine to make it (allowing it to do part of the stirring)… still too yeasty.

Anyone have a tip on what to try next? Everyone raves at how great the bread is but it just isn’t working for us.

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  1. Jennifer :

    Date: April 11, 2010 @ 5:18 am

    When I make bread, I use my Stand Mixer and the bowl with it is metal. I rinse the metal bowl under hot water for a while until it is reasonably warm, then use that same warm water for the water to mix with the yeast. I’ve never tested the temperature — I just aim for hot — and it has always proofed for me.

    You can also try putting it in an airtight space (warming drawer on my oven has a proofing option, inside the oven, or in the microwave oven).

    She’s mixing everything in separate bowls but I’d probably mix the yeast right in the bowl you are going to be using to do the majority of your work.

    Homemade bread does tend to be on the yeasty side although the recipes I’ve made usually call for 2 packets of yeast (4.5 tbsp) between two loaves so it doesn’t seem like too much yeast? Perhaps try masking the yeast taste with sugar, vanilla or butter?

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