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Happy Easter

Connie, Dougie No Comments

There is something special about celebrating Easter in Canada. It feels like more of a holiday since it is a long weekend.

Last year, we did a trail for Dougie. It didn’t go well. It was made of M&Ms and he just moved along the trail eating them rather than collecting them and putting them in his basket. So this year, we decided to go for a real hunt. It didn’t go any better – next year, all the chocolate will be wrapped.

Find the chocolate

Eat the chocolate

Find more unwrapped chocolate

We finally convinced him to pick up some of the wrapped ones – of course, only while his mouth was full

Oooh, a big one!

After Daddy gathered up the remaining unwrapped ones – Dougie searched for the rest of the hidden ones

“Help with the bunny, please? Out the bunny.”

Though Connie was a bit young for an egg hunt, we opted for different sorts of fun. Daddy gave her a special horsey ride.

Giddy-up Connie

Whoa! (Look at the disappointment on her face)

Little Connie Love

Hope everyone had a wonder Easter!