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For Christmas, Connie received a box of princess dress-up clothes and some fancy princess shoes. She was thrilled! Connie loves to look “pretty” and this was exactly what she needed.

Fast forward to today, we were busy upstairs organising the house and both kids were downstairs playing. Connie called me downstairs to help her put on a dress. Apparently, they had managed to pull one out of the box through a small hole (we hadn’t opened it yet). I opened the box so we could get the other part of the dress out and Dougie decided he wanted to dress-up as well. Next thing I knew, we had this:


All dressed up, down to the shoes.


They were both thrilled to dress up, but I think we may investigate getting some non-princess dress-up clothes so they have a few more options.

New Again

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One thing we have learned about having new kids is that old toys become new again. Dougie is suddenly interested in all the toys he had as a baby, just as soon as Connie starts to play with them.



We think he’s a bit beyond the intended age range for these toys but he suddenly really loves them again. What is most interesting is he has a very different way of playing with them now.

Hopefully, he’ll let Connie have a turn at some point. :)

It Starts So Early

Connie No Comments

Look Mummy, a phone


It’s ringing, I wonder who it’s for?


Hello? This is Connie


Teenage years are going to be tough.

A Day at the Park

Connie, Dougie No Comments

Living next to a park sure has some advantages, we’re never more than putting shoes on away from a little trip over there.

Dougie loves the swing! He sometimes will use his legs to keep going but for the most part, he likes to be pushed.


Connie is content to hang out in the stroller


Dougie is also a huge fan of the slide


No matter what else he does, it always comes back to the slide


This last trip to the park, we decided to try Connie in the swing, and then Dougie decided to help



We love how much they love each other!


Rock On!

Dougie No Comments

Not to worry, I am going to be able to retire well. Our Dougie is going to be a rock star.

Okay, he started a bit reluctantly

But then he really got into it

Look, a natural!

Groovin’ out

What do you think? I bet by the time this posts we’ll have record producers knocking on the door ready to sign him.