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Family Trip to the Cottage

9:33 pm Connie, Dougie

One of the main reasons my parents came to visit when they did was to celebrate my sister’s Laurie’s birthday. So, after a while with us, we all headed to Laurie and Glen’s cottage to spend the weekend and hand over my parents. :)

This was our first time up at the cottage and after seeing it, it was clear why they love it there! The location was just beautiful located on a lake in the middle of the mountains. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t perfect for most of our visit but that didn’t dampen our fun. Fortunately, the day we left the weather improved and we were able to go out on the boat for a while.

So off we went down to the water


First up was some water skiing. You can see some of the views as well.


Can you believe that’s little Daley?

After water skiing, we came back in to switch things up some we could do some tubing. While the rest of the folks did work, we snapped a few pictures.

Scott, getting ready to go tubing

Molly was in charge of making sure Dougie didn’t go for a swim.


Not too hard considering he didn’t want to be more than a foot away from her at any given time. She helped Connie get a bit more comfortable with this boat thing too.


Connie hanging out on the bow


Almost all of the girls hanging out in the boat


On our second round out, my mother took care of Connie.


Scott and Molly went tubing


And Dougie hung out with Auntie Lou


As you can see, the dark clouds started to roll in again and we got in just as it was starting to rain. What a fantastic fun trip though!

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