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Stanley Glacier

11:59 pm Connie, Dougie

A while ago, we went to my sister’s cottage in BC. One the way there, we passed a sign for Stanley Glacier. We’ve been wanting to go there since. I admit, I’ve become quite enthralled with glaciers since moving to Calgary. So today, we decided to drive back out there to go for a hike.

What was most interesting about this hike is the lower part of the mountain has been badly burned by two major forest fires and is still recovering. Though it means there aren’t as many nice trees, it substantially improves the view of the surrounding mountains.

IMG_5018 (2)

This is near the end of the official trail. You can walk up the scree from here but we didn’t think the kids could handle that.

IMG_5020 (2)

Dougie doing a bit of posing

IMG_5021 (2)

Mummy and the kids

IMG_5029 (2)

Connie did some posing too

IMG_5035 (2)

No no, don’t look at me, look at the camera

IMG_5037 (2)

Truly a beautiful hike! This was my favourite one we did all year.

IMG_5039 (2)

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