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Little Beehive

12:33 am Dougie

Another weekend, another hike! You can tell that we’re trying to get as much outdoor time in as possible before the cold weather really sets in. This weekend, we decided on a rather long hike that went up Mt. St. Piran, one of the mountains that surrounded Lake Louise. By all accounts, it’s an exceptional time so we were very excited to go. Unfortunately, as is often the case, having the kids with us really slowed us down, so we had to change our plans.

Mt. St. Piran is the second peak from the right. It is almost a 10 hour walk there and back though so when it took almost 3 hours to do what should have only taken 1, we decided to climb Little Beehive instead (right most peak).

IMG_5040 (2)

We decided to stop by the Lake Agnes Teahouse to eat our lunch. We had packed sandwiches so we just ate those by the lake rather than going in for tea. The lake was spectacular. We had passed mirror lake earlier which was a bit disappointing but this one made up for it.

IMG_5045 (2)

From the teahouse we continued on up to the top of Little Beehive. The view from the top was fantastic.

Scott and Dougie looking down on Chateau Lake Louise.

IMG_5052 (2)

Making the last bit of the climb

IMG_5054 (2)

Coming back down

IMG_5063 (2)

Back at the lake

IMG_5068 (2)

We’re still hoping to make it up to the top of Mt. St. Piran, maybe next year – without the kids.

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