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Hopefully Last Ultrasound

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Last week, we had what will hopefully be our last ultrasound before the baby is born. In fact, we had two. Because of the growth issues we had with Dougie, they wanted to be sure that the baby was growing appropriately.

The first ultrasound showed that the baby was measuring a bit on the small side (3rd percentile) so the doctor decided they wanted a second opinion. The next day, we were into the maternal fetal medicine clinic for another ultrasound. Apparently, they are the best of the best around here. They re-did the same test as the day before and everyone was much happier with the results. The baby is still not big (30th percentile) but totally an acceptable size. So, we will continue to monitor but have been told not to worry.

The best news was we got a cute picture from the first test. We had the kids there so the technician turned on the 3D view so they could see their new brother/sister.


Cute little face there. It’s looking like Scott didn’t win the genetics pool on the nose – again. :)

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