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Connie’s Lullaby

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Like her big brother, Connie loves to sing. Today, she decided she would try to help Colin get to sleep by singing him a lullaby. She was kind enough to let us capture it on video.

For those of you not familiar with this version, it’s a special dad customization.

Daddy and the Kids

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We’re already adjusting well to life at home as a family of five. You’d think Scott was used to it though because he clearly has adjusted well.


The kids are still as enamoured with Colin as ever. They hardly give him a minute to himself. They are constantly rocking him, turning music on for him and suggesting thoughts for him (apparently, he already has a favourite song).


It’s so nice that everyone is adjusting so well. It really does seem like he has been a member of the family forever.

Colin Meets the Rest of the Family

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Day 2 for Colin and he got to meet his new brother and sister. To say they were excited to meet him would be a huge understatement. Dougie already had a big list of plans for his new brother. He was going to teach him to say “Dougie” and make sure he shared his birthday cake. Connie just wanted to sing the Rock Baby song (you may know it better as Rock-a-bye baby).

The kids weren’t allowed to visit until 11am so Scott brought them by shortly before lunchtime. They were so excited to meet Colin. They both came in and immediately started to look for him. Once they found him in the bassinet, they were desperate to hold him and kiss him.

The kids showing Colin the gifts they brought him

SO excited to finally get to hold him

He’s looking pretty happy to be held

Dougie loves his new brother

As does Connie

After all that holding, he was finally awake enough to get a picture with his eyes open

Not long after Scott and the kids arrived, the nurse came to discharge us. I was thrilled to go home! We got Colin dressed in his going home outfit and we were on our way.


Daddy and the kids made cupcakes to welcome Colin home – Dougie’s favourite, carrot cake


Poor Colin couldn’t get a minute to himself

It’s so nice to be home though with our new little guy

Welcome Colin Jamie Sharabura!

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We could not be more excited to announce the arrival of the newest Sharabura. Welcome to the world little Colin!!

The day started out innocently enough. We had a doctor’s appointment to check on my blood pressure which had started to get a bit elevated. Scott decided to come with me to get the results and watch the kids. Unfortunately, my blood pressure was still a bit high so they sent us to the hospital to redo some blood work and check on the baby. I started on that while Scott brought the kids to a friend of mine’s house for a little while.

By the time Scott got to the hospital, we were just about done the testing. Unfortunately, my blood pressure was still a bit high and combined with some elevated liver levels, the doctor recommended that we induce the baby. We had already prepared ourselves for the possibility so, though it wasn’t our ideal situation, we knew it was the right thing to do.

Scott left to go home and get some supplies for the kids and our hospital bag and camera. Labour with both kids has gone on for a very long time so we felt we should have sufficient time for him to get there and get back. Unfortunately, we miscalculated there just a little. Scott was gone less than 2 hours but the baby decided he just couldn’t wait. Fortunately, Scott got back right after he was born and was able to hold him while he waited to be evaluated by the doctor.

Without further ado, meet our Colin.


Weighing in at a very respectable 6 lbs 2 oz


A nice length, measuring 20.5″


Overall, a very healthy little boy


Everyone is doing well and we’re so happy he arrived and is already doing so well.